With Railtadka, you can order Jain food online in trains

Are you looking for pure vegetarian or pure Jain meals on a train ride?
With Railtadka, you are assured to receive pure vegetarian preparations from FSSAI-approved Jain restaurant partners across 450+ locations in India.

We deliver Jain food from trusted Jain restaurants

For Jains who are strict on their diets, traveling by train used to be a nightmare. The only way to maintain their dietary preferences was to pack their homemade food in boxes.
Their train journeys used to last for more than 24 hours. But now, you can order pure Jain food in train online from Railtadka, their train travel mate.

Jain Meals: What's Unique About Them?
What Jainism has to do with food
“Non-violence is the highest religion” — Lord Mahavir.

Indian subcontinent and beyond, Jain food is considered one of the most rigorous spiritual diets.
There is a strong sense of non-violence embodied in the Jain faith, which is followed even in their food habits. Jain followers are vegetarian-food-based communities. Any plant grown under the earth's surface is forbidden for consumption by humans.
During train journeys, the hustle in terms of getting desired meal patterns used to be a challenge, since Jain sect followers do not consume potato, onion, turnip, etc.

We deliver Jain food in trains (no onion, no garlic)

We have partnered with restaurants that serve pure Jain food on trains through RailTadka. In the past, Jains had to carry their food with them while on trains. Introducing RailTadka's Jain food delivery in trains, a perfect solution to this problem. RailTadka ensures that you get authentic Jain food on trains by sourcing Jain food from FSSAI-approved and trusted restaurants that specialize in Jain food. RailTadka maintains quality at every step, from choosing the right ingredients to preparing them under the right conditions.

Food Delivery in Trains for Jains

Order Jain food online in trains through RailTadka and get freedom from preparing and carrying food. Order Jain food online and get it delivered to your seat.

Jain Food: What Makes It Different?

To prevent injuries to microorganisms, Jain cuisine excludes the consumption of food items grown under the earth, such as onions, garlic, and so on. Jain cuisine is completely vegan. In Jain texts, a sravaska (householder) is forbidden from consuming wine, flesh, honey, and five udumbara fruits (Gular, Anjeera, Banyan, Peepal & Pakar). In essence, root vegetables are modified to store energy or water, and they are specifically modified to do so. Underground areas such as these aid in the survival of many living organisms present around such roots.

Jain Food Delivery in Trains

For people traveling across India, Jain food availability was a significant concern. The main reason is that not all food stores take the necessary precautions, and Jain food follows some strict principles when it comes to eating.

Our goal at RailTadka is to make ordering pure Jain food on trains easier than ever. When it comes to online delivery of Jain food in trains, we are developing an exclusive partner network across India with restaurants that strictly follow Jain food preparation norms and adhere to FSSAI regulations.

Train food served to Jains

Those following the strict Jain religion refrain from eating stray food, since they cook in a very generic way. People from the Jain community usually travel for religious celebrations.

When the journey lasts more than 12 hours, carrying food becomes a major concern. As part of RailTadka's effort to curb these food shortages, it has established a network of restaurants at Indian Railways' major stations and offers a convenient online ordering system for Jain food.

Food Delivery in Trains for Jains

Order online Jain food on the trains through RailTadka and get food delivered from trusted Jain restaurants. Order online Jain food on the trains through RailTadka and get food delivered from trusted Jain restaurants.

Online Jain Food Order In Train Through Call
Using a train number to order food online

You can order food online in train and enjoy a variety of cuisines by using any of these three methods:

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